Our Beers

At the Loud Shirt Brewing Co™ we take pride in crafting vibrant and exciting beers. We hand pick best quality ingredients for each batch, add a twist, condition our beers for longer than average and avoid animal or artificial clearing agents.



Beers 1

Hazed & Confused

ABV 4.5%, A fruity, full bodied, sessionable New England IPA, packed full of all American hops with distinct tangerine, tropical fruit and stone fruit aromas.

Beers 2

Quadrophenia Pale Ale

ABV 4.4%. A vibrant brew with four wonderful hops, each with their own distinct personality. A beer to savour at the seaside and to unleash your inner mod. Great with spicy meats and strongly flavoured cheese. Available in key keg and can.

Beers 3

Insomnia Black IPA

ABV 5.8%. Smooth, rich dark beer, dry hopped with citra and mosaic hops, giving a tropical fruit kick. A beer to make you want to stay up all night and never go to bed. Great with strongly flavoured cheese. Available in key keg.


Beers 4

Psychedelic IPA

5.1% ABV. Bold and zingy aroma from late addition of citra hops make this beer a mouth-watering and vibrant experience. A refreshing, highly hopped, fruity IPA. A beer to send your mind wild and to take you on a roller coaster journey of euphoria. Great with curries and other spicy dishes and milder cheeses. Available in bottle and cask.

Beers 5

Hypnosis Pale

ABV 4.5%. Light malts and heaps of dry hopping make this beer a tangy, tongue tingling experience. A zingy, uplifting pale ale with a lovely blend of light malts. A beer to magnify your consciousness and to boost your sense of awareness. Great with jerk chicken, spicy food and mild cheddar. Available in cask and bottle.

Beers 6

Ecstacy Stout

6.6% ABV. Rich combinations of flavoursome dark malts make this beer a deeply delectable experience. A rich, warming, full-bodied stout. A beer to bring you out of your shell and to induce an overwhelming sense of happiness. Great with dark meat, pies, casseroles and stilton cheese. Available in bottle and cask.


Beers 7

Sunday Morning Saison

ABV 4.6%, A beautifully crisp, clean farmhouse ale that is pale straw in colour. Notes of lemon that play with the spicy, funky notes of the Belgian yeast..

Beers 8

Eclipse Stout

ABV 5.0% Sessionable version of our award winning Ecstasy stout. Rich, coffee forward with notes of chocolate.

Beers 9

Paranoid Cherry Porter

Coming Late 2021!

Beers 10

Bluegrass American Cream Ale

ABV 4.5%, A crisp, flavorful American “lawnmower” beer. Somewhere between an ale and a lager, this pale, light bodied ale provides the essential profile of lagers with a bit more flavor. Thirst quenching with a dry finish.


Beers 11

Retox IPA

ABV 4.8%. A glorious session IPA with a refreshing blend of hops. A beer to savour real slow and to reinvigorate yourself. Great with spicy food and strong cheese. Available in key keg and can.

Beers 12

Bohemian Gold

ABV 4.0% Golden malts and vivacious hops make this beer a glowing experience. A beer to heighten your spirit of adventure and to kindle warm feelings of summer loving. Great with barbeques. Available in key keg.

Beers 13

Flowerpower Blonde

5.1% ABV. Mellow combination of elderflower and subtle hops make this beer an easy-drinking fresh and tasty experience. A smooth, crisp, lightly-hopped wheat beer. A beer to release your inhibitions and to promote peace, love and understanding. Great with sweet and sour dishes, grilled chicken and brie cheese. Available in bottle and cask.

Beers 14

Transcendence Mango

ABV 5.0%. A fantastical pale ale with a pleasing combination of sweet mango and bitter hops. A beer to drive you crazy and to take you on a stairway to heaven. Great with curries. Available in key keg.

Beers 15

Euphoria Red

ABV 4.8%. A combination of cara amber malt and bramling cross hops make this beer a smooth, flavoursome experience. A slightly sweet red coloured IPA with tangs of caramel and blackcurrant. A beer to tingle your taste buds and to send you into oblivion. Great with roast poultry, rich stews and soft cows cheese such as muenster. Available in cask and bottle.

Beers 16

Vertigo Citrus Pale Ale

ABV 5.0%. Glorious pale ale with foral and citrus flavours from Amarillo hops, with an added hint of lemon. A beer to elevate your feelings and to take you to a higher level of sensual perception. Great with grilled meats. Available in key keg and can.

Beers 17

Mesmerise Rye

ABV 3.9%. A clean, fresh tasting, pale beer made with rye, wheat and barley malt and fruity cascade and mosaic hops. A beer to grab your attention and to transfix you with its flavour. Great with barbeque meat and gorgonzola cheese. Available in cask and bottle.

Beers 18

Hallucination Brune

6.0% ABV. Complex blend of Belgian, German and English malts make this beer an incredibly pallet-pleasing experience. A rich, dark beer with a subtle sweetness. A beer to blow your senses and to reveal flavours you never thought existed. Great with roasted pork, sausages and strong cheddar cheese. Available in bottle and cask.

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