There’s an obvious joke about organising an event (or failing to) at our venue but with everything we have to offer, there’s some serious fun to be had.  Not only have we got a great relaxed atmosphere, superb facilities and excellent beer (obviously), our venue is currently free to hire for events subject to you and your guests spending enough at the bar (and people who want to host an event at a brewery usually don’t have a problem there!).  If those aren’t enough reasons to hire our brewery for your next event, here are some ideas of the sort of thing you can have here and what we have to offer you.

What Kind of Events Can You have at the Loud Shirt Brewery?

Some of the most popular events at our brewery are music gigs.  We’ve had everything from psychedelic electronic music and DJs to heavy metal bands playing and are always very happy to discover new types of music.  Our stage facilities also make it a great place for comedy and small cast theatre productions.  Birthday parties and corporate parties are also very popular as are sport club events.  We even had our very first wedding reception recently.  Pretty much any type of celebration you can think of which requires a space and booze works well at our brewery and we’re always happy to hire in anything special you need, that we don’t already have, to make your event a roaring success.

Food and Drink

We’ve got marvellous beer.  That’s news to no one, but we also have great quality wines care of The Brighton Wine Company.  Events at the Loud Shirt Brewery have access to our beer in bottles, in cans and on tap including some freshly brewed beers which aren’t available anywhere else.

Having outdoor space means the sky is the limit when it comes to food as we can hire in mobile catering vans serving whichever type of food you fancy.  In the past, we’ve had everything from big juicy burger vans to cute vintage crepe vans selling savoury and sweet snacks.  We are also very happy for you to order in pizzas and other take away foods.

Sound and Lighting

Because we love music so much, we have a 1,000 watt sound system, a stage and great lighting ideal for gigs and discos.

Outside Area

The area in front of our brewery is great for sitting out on a nice day and providing an area for smokers as it’s licenced so people can take their drinks out with them.  It also allows us to hire in outside features like marquees or even fire pits.

Practical Matters

One thing our venue has which is often lacking in Brighton, is ample free overnight parking with room for up to 30 cars.  It’s also conveniently located just off the Number 1 and 7 bus routes in the City Centre fare zone.  We can also get a late licence until 1am for weekend events.  Another feature which sets our brewery apart from other similar venues is the fact we’ve got shiny newly refurbished toilet facilities (with crazy loud tiling!) so none of those grotty, dark and cramped loos for people drinking at the Loud Shirt Brewery.

Whatever type of event you are putting on, we are always willing to do whatever we can to accommodate you.  Just ask if you have any special requirements or if you are looking for ideas to make your event extra special. Call Mike on (+44) 7901 856 436 or email him at to talk to us about how we can help you throw the best party ever.